Neighborhood Rules

Owners and renters are both bound by the Heritage Pines Condominium House Rules as outlined below.

  1. Each of the units shall be occupied by only one (1) family. A family shall consist of one or two adults and children, but not more than six persons living together and interrelated by bonds of consanguinity, marriage or legal adoption. Only tenants on lease can reside in unit.
  2. All trash cans must be placed in GARBAGE CANS WITH LIDS. Do not use bags (except for move out & tree refuge). Store garbage cans BEHIND UNIT or if there is a fence BEHIND the fence.
    Garbage days are Mondays and Thursday. Only put cans out Sunday and Wednesday nights. Cans must be brought back behind unit the day of pickup.
  3. DOGS Per Article XIV A(13) of the Declaration of Condominium, tenants and owners are not allowed to have dogs.
  4. PARKING SPACES, EXCEPT AS SET FORTH BELOW; Only conventional vehicles with current tags and in operable condition shall be allowed in the parking spaces; such as 2-door, 4-door, hatchback, convertible, station wagons, van, minivan, SUV, and pickup trucks – all of which shall be under ¾ ton or 18 feet.
    No parking of boats or any marine craft are permitted on the condominium property – campers, vans, flatbed trucks, recreational vehicles (vehicles either having kitchen or bathroom facilities), trailers, mobile homes, and any and all other vehicles other than the aforementioned passenger vehicles shall be permitted on the property.
  5. NO PARKING IS PERMISSIBLE ON THE LAWN OR COMMON AREAS AT ANY TIME other than service vehicles and then only if necessary to service a unit within the complex but IN NO EVENT OVERNIGHT. Vehicles on lawn will be towed without notice (i.e. 2 wheels on the lawn). Absolutely NO automobile repairs to be done.
  6. Playing of radios, televisions, stereos or musical instruments shall not at any time be so as to disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbors.
  7. Absolutely NO SWIMMING or trespassing in the lake.
  8. Sheets, bedspreads, or similar articles MAY NOT be used as draperies in the windows of the unit.
  9. All plants and trees – other than bedding plants – must be approved by the board. All hoses must be coiled up and replaced on hanger. DO NOT leave hoses laying on ground or they will be removed.
  10. Stationary pools with a pump ARE NOT PERMITTED. Children’s pools must be put in the backyard only. The pool must be collapsible and may not exceed two (2) feet high and eight (8) feet wide.
  11. Satellite dishes must be approved by the Board of Directors BEFORE they are installed.
  12. FRONT PORCHES – No trash, debris, or garbage cans shall be left on front porch. Permissible items would be outdoor patio furniture or potted plants. All occupants of the unit are responsible to ensure both front and back yard are free of debris at all times.
  13. NO barbeque grills are to be stored or used on the front of units. Place all grills in BEHIND unit.
  14. No basketball hoops are allowed on the property and no trampolines are allowed.
  15. Purchase and Rentals – All purchasers and renters shall be approved by the Board of Directors. An application and a credit report shall be completed and an interview is required before move-in. The application fee is $100.00 payable to C&S Community Management Services, Inc. This will be paid by the purchaser or renter. Renters are required to sign a One Year Lease. A copy of fully executed lease agreement is required from owner.
  16. The following fines will be levied without notice: (1) Cars or any vehicle parked on the lawn or ANY PART of the lawn (2) Garbage cans put out too early and/or garbage cans not being removed from roadway by the morning following pickup.
  17. All units with existing fences SHALL BE MAINTAINED by the unit owner, and they must be kept in good repair – pressure washed and sealed periodically. If the fences are not kept in good repair to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors, the fences shall be repaired by the association and the owner charged for the work or the fences will be removed. Fences with Gates MUST not be locked.
  18. For Rent” or “For Sale” signs may not be greater than 30” x 24” and must be placed not more than 2 feet from the front of the building. Only one sign per unit is allowed.
  19. Effective October 18, 1993 fines will be imposed as follows for each violation of the Heritage Pines House Rules: (1) $10.00 per day for the first 3 days of the violation (2) $25.00 per day for each day thereafter. The fine may be levied for any violation of your by-laws. EXAMPLE: Boats and marine craft parked, vehicles parked on the lawn, and vehicles WITHOUT TAGS etc.
  20. House Rules will be sent to owners and all units, but it is still the responsibility of the unit owner (if rented) to advise renters and ensure rules are being followed, even though they are discussed during the interview process.

A violation of any of the rules and regulations can lead to an eviction